Plumbing services is a necessity which cannot be ignored since it ensures that the house remains well maintained. Some simple plumbing services works in Canoga Park in your home can be done without having to involve the services of a professional. However, there are some major tasks such as changing the entire system with new pipes that may need the services of a professional. A repipe specialist is one who will be able to identify to make the installation for it to last longer. When the installation is done poorly, even the best pipes in the market will not last long. 

Choosing the best specialist

There are people who think that choosing a specialist is easy but it’s not. There are many plumbers out there in the market offering services. However, not all of them will be meet your expectations in terms of quality of the services that your expect from them. No matter how many they are, each one of the will give you quality at different levels which is why one should look carefully before picking.

Types of pipes that you should choose

There are quite a number of different pipes that one can use if they decide to repipe their home. These include;


This has been people’s choice for between 60 to 70 years. In fact, most of those homes which were built back since 1945 have copper pipes in their system. This type of pipe is good when you want to re-pipe but sometimes cost may get in the way of some people. This is because of the cost of the material as well as labour amount that is required.

PEX tubing

This is one of the newest material which is being used by plumbers for re-piping works. It is a flexible material and also one which is durable. Due to its flexibility, there are fewer fittings which are required and it also makes installation much simpler than in the case of copper. Unlike copper, this material will not have any mineral buildup and it virtually makes zero noise. This material is available in three grades A, B and C. A is the strongest pipe which is mostly recommended for re-piping purposes. If your plumber is making installation, insist on this grade.

CPVC piping

This is the third type of material for piping. This is a conventional PVC pipe but one which has been chlorinated. The reason for adding this chlorine is to keep away algae which normally builds up the piping. One of the reasons why many people like to use this type of piping is because it is less expensive and there is no need to use heating of the pipe. This makes installation easier and safer as well. However, heat from hot water will cause it to become brittle and it will be a matter of time before it cracks hence leaking.